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Purpose, Process & Progress

It all starts with an idea.

All great ventures start with a thought bubble "what if...".

For me the thought was to share my art with the world, followed by a seemingly substantial act.

I began putting together a slapstick online shop. I assembled some older photography, bought some frames and thought I would take off. It was, to me, a huge step that I thought would make big things happen. This was it. This one step was all I needed to take to have success.

I forgot about the process.

I was disappointed time after time as I rallied every bit of marketing skill I had (which was a slim gathering of ideas I learned along the way while getting my degree in psychology).

And yet I got no where.

Where was my progress?

I wanted to quit.

Though I decided to press forward, it was with a renewed sense of humility. Not the noble kind that makes us better people. It was the kind which is produced by the stench of defeat.

I began to speak those negative words to myself. "I'm not good enough", "why am I even doing this?".

We have all had that feeling, that moment when we want to stop in our tracks and retrace our steps to a safer and happier time. A time when the progress was great.

Some choose that route, but many of us still press forward. We must keep walking the path God has laid out before us. He never said it would be easy. Only that He will be beside us in every step.

The often misquoted verse Roman's 8:28, does not say all things will be good. It says "all things work FOR the good" of those who love God and are "called according to his purpose.".

We have a purpose in this life; for me it is to spread light and love. It has been a long process but I am starting to see progress.

As we step on to that path, we must understand that it will be a continued process, which does not end until we see God face to face.

We will see progress If we continue to strive. It may not look the way we want it to, but we must take the next step forward, and the next, and the next...

If you have an idea, take that step, love the process; hear His good word and let it drown out the negative narrative we place on ourselves.

If you begin to feel that defeat remind your self that God is working it for your good!

<3 MJ

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