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No Longer Stuck in 2020

So 2020 Rolled in with a pandemic. It was awful and beautiful for me, bittersweet. It kept me away from family and friends; it also kept me away from people I would learn were unhealthy for me. It did not allow going out which made life somewhat boring and unbearable at times; it also did not allow spending money on going out, which created an incredible mass of financial resource for me. It caused me to be laid off; it also inspired me to start SOLO Mixed Media.

I put my all into SOLO from the start, my time, energy, and money (which were all now in abundance). I spent almost every waking moment thinking about it. I wanted to spread light and love. I would meditate on what it would feel like to make an impact in the world. I got my brother on board (shout out to N8TIVE) and we hit the ground running. I had my website; I did the research, got on social media, and put in the leg work getting into local art shows. I got business cards printed and started handing them out to anyone who would take them. I had lofty ideas of the immediate success.

Needless to say, things did not go how I had imagined. I did not anticipate my experience at the art shows. People would consistently look at my work, even linger at times, and compliment it; they would then proceed to walk away from my booth, not even a business card in hand. I didn't know that I would get so discourage when this happened. It was my 3rd show, a solo dolo one for me ( I had to add the dolo so you would understand that I meant N8TIVE was not at the show with me!). I made zero sales. I was frustrated. Then a friend of mine showed up and as soon as I saw her I began to ball.

I was all but defeated.

I went on with my life. I got busy starting a new career, moving to a new city, and buying a home. I also began to love being single which, for anyone who knows me, is STRANGE! Sure the website was still up and I had business cards in my wallet; I just wasn't handing them out anymore.

Here I am two years later and I feel like I'm still at the beginning with the business (the entrepreneur shiz was harder than I thought); but something happened in the past 6 months, as I continued loving art. I began creating more and more of it, in different mediums. I again started sharing my creations, with friends and family. I began to be excited by the feedback and response that I took as a slight in my "previous business life". Just being seen and having conversations about my work was rewarding. That is a way to spread light and love!

I don't need to make a living doing art; making art is living!

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