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My new obsession

The sun.

Yes the sun.

Is it not every one's obsession? Well we all need it for light. For life, every living creature. I know I need it for love. I have never appreciated it more in my life. Sure there had been those days; riding in the car, windows down, sun glasses on, music blasting. Days at the lake front basking in it. Those were good days.

Today, THIS sun, makes an amazing day.

It was not until I move 200 mi north that I realized how much I want, need, crave, and long for its shine. It has been a long winter and it is on these days, when the sun shows her beautiful face, that I smile. A true smile that let's me know I'm loved; I am loved by God, loved by myself.

Dear God, the Creator of the sun, oh why do you hide her from us for so many days? Why do you cause us to miss her so? Why do you allow us to live in darkness, all the while knowing she is up there just beyond the clouds?

Why do we hide from You in our sin? Why do weet you long for us so when we stay away from You. Why do we choose darkness, when we know You are right there; You go before us, stand beside us and follow behind us.

God, I see You created the sun to remind us of the light and love you created in US. You, in Your perfect wisdom, chose to show the sun only at times because WE show our light only at times. We show our love only at times. We show our faith only at times. We show our understanding and compassion only at times.

Heaven Father help me to shine in the way I wish I could see the sun always in these dark days. Let me spread light and love to others and be the sun in their dark times, as You are in mine.

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