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A   Solo  Mission
We strive to spread the light & love of God to the art community. We value passion and uniqueness in the creative world. We also utilize new perspective to promote spiritual growth. 





                     I was born into a masterfully created world by the most creative being, God my Heavenly Father. My creative journey began at a young age. From craft projects at day-care to singing at church as a small child. I picked up making music in my middle school years learning to play the trumpet and keyboard, I initiated my pursuit of drawing and painting at this time as well.

                   I began to take my photography and painting to a whole new level in high school. I attribute this growth to God's hand at work silently through me. This allowed my discovery that art has provided an outlet that I could find nowhere else at that time.

                      Now as I have grown into adulthood I find that I'm able to embrace this power of the Holy Spirit inside me to utilize this outlet to grow in love with myself and my creations. I also strive to embrace the Spirit's love for people as a whole; each individual has an indwelling and expression of beauty unlike any other person on this earth. 

      I  have come to a place where I want to spread light and love through the gifts God has so graciously given me through Jesus Christ.



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